Chitè was born from the idea of Chiara Marconi and Federica Tiranti, founders and CEO and creative director respectively, who decided to revolutionize the concept of customer experience in the world of women's underwear. One spring evening in a Parisian crêperie, they decided that their mission would be to be by every woman's side. Chitè is an underwear brand made in the heart of the Langhe region of Piedmont, thanks to their collaboration with independent artisans. They support Italian artisans whose work is not only a profession handed down from generation to generation, but also a noble contribution to the good reputation of Made in Italy. They also guarantee the highest quality standards through responsible and sustainable production, respecting the necessary deadlines. Chitè's mission is for every woman to be in balance with herself and with everything that surrounds her. It only takes 35 seconds, every day, to connect and "feel" with yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror, but not only. Chitè invites women to try this very simple habit and experience the value of paying attention to the resulting mental well-being and what it brings to women.