"Without the help of the professional seamstresses who sew and tailor my clothes, everything would be just beautiful paper."

Chances mean an opportunity to do or achieve something. That's what Elisa had in mind when tired of fast fashion and inspired by a top her mother left her, founded her brand in 2020. Her collection focuses on tailored garments made with passion and attention to detail, combined with lightweight and comfortable fabrics, also thanks to the help of professional seamstresses.

Chances aims to create timeless pieces, with an accurate study of materials and captivating details such as buttons made of Madagascar mother-of-pearl or tea-dyed bone buttons. For this reason, everything Chances realizes is a limited edition.


Lazio, located in the heart of Italy, is the 2nd largest region by population. It’s a land of mostly hills and plains, sprawling from the Mediterranean Sea to the Apennine Mountains.

Territory of the Roman Empire, Lazio attracts millions of visitors each year and remains today the center of Italian political life. With the Vatican in Rome, Lazio is also a top destination for Catholics from all over the world. Tourists mostly head to the country’s capital, but also Ostia Antica and Tivoli.

The cuisine of the region is associated with that of Rome, but dishes usually vary from place to place. However, the most common ones you’ll find are amatriciana, carbonara, cacio e pepe, and saltimbocca.

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