Since 1948, the Bergamasco family has been operating in the quality leather goods industry. The values of heritage, handicraft, quality, and timeless style have guided the company for over 70 years as it strives for Made in Italy excellence.

The artisans at Bergamasco are skillful and passionate, cutting and sewing beautiful pieces decade after decade. The products speak for themselves and tell of superior craftsmanship as well as tradition.

The beauty can be seen and felt throughout every Bergamasco creation. They offer top-quality leathers, soft to the touch, with handcrafted finishes and fine details. Their goal is to make luxury accessible for everyone because every bag has a unique story to tell, just like we do.


Situated in Northeast Italy, Veneto is split into 7 provinces and has a population of 4.9 million. The region’s rich, diverse topography make it an attractive destination for Italians and international visitors alike.

Veneto is also one of the country’s largest wine producers, best known for its Prosecco. Throughout history, much of the region was under the control of the wealthy and powerful Venetian Republic. Venice, the region’s capital, was once a major trading center and remains today one of Italy’s most visited cities.

Other must-see cities include Verona, Padua, and Vicenza. Lake Garda’s charming towns are popular summer destinations, while the Dolomites offer winter wonderland fun.

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