What is the best gift for Mother's Day?

We have the answer: a unique, special, handmade-with-love piece of Italy

As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching we asked ourselves “what does Mother’s Day mean and where is it from?”. We’ve done some research to share with you a bit of history so we can all get ready for the festivity. You’d be surprised to know that the official story goes back to an American activist called Anna Jervis, a woman from West Virginia who started a campaign in 1908 to commemorate all mothers after the loss of her own. After a first rejection from the US Congress, the holiday started being celebrated in all the US states exactly 110 years ago in 1911, becoming an official national holiday in 1914. The holiday then spread all over the world and it’s still celebrated today on the 2nd Sunday of May.

Image: Mother and son - Ama Pure

Each family has its own way to celebrate this special day. We all remember those small gifts that teachers made us draw, craft and glue in school. As we grow up we realize that quality time with mum is precious and we understand that she really deserves a nice and unique gift for being an amazing mamma. Every year we spend days in search of the perfect gift and card, but this time we did the job for you. We know all mums are unique, but we put together some ideas that might make your mum a happy one on her special day.

Gift ideas for mums who love bags

If your mum can’t stop buying handbags because “there’s never enough”, you can opt for a unique piece of Italy, whether it is a crossbody like the Opera, a classic design like the Priscilla or a comfy tote bag like Milvia.

Presents for mums who love silk scarves

Did you spend the last months binge-watching The Crown on Netflix with your mum? Did you get the scarf-fever like us while watching it? Our collection of handmade silk scarves will surely make your mum happy. To add a touch of uniqueness to your gift, have a read at our article on how to wear a silk scarf and give your mum a few suggestions on how to style hers. We know it's difficult to find what to put on a Mother's Day card, so these original suggestions will work perfectly. Of course, don’t forget to write how much you love her!

For mums who love home decor

Spending almost a year entirely at home made us feel like we needed to decorate our homes and make them as cozy as possible. If your mum spends hours browsing websites for home decor and reading lifestyle magazines, you should know that we have recently launched a new section solely dedicated to home textiles and accessories, where you can find handcrafted Made in Italy textiles for your bedroom, candles to decorate the house and kitchen textiles to embellish your tables on special occasions or on your mum’s day.

Presents for first time mums

We have thought about gifts for first time mums because all women deserve a special and unique gift, even more if they have a newborn to take care of. We thought loungewear could be the perfect gift - comfy yet with a luxurious feel, a pair of slippers or a nightgown like Annaluisa will surely make the first year as a mum one to remember.

If you feel like you haven't found the appropriate gift for your mum, see more on our women collection!