Types of bags for women: a complete guide

Handmade bags for any occasion

If you were amongst the first Mirta lovers, you’d remember that we had only different types of purses and bags. Although we’ve grown and added more categories like cashmere and loungewear, we still know there is a whole world of different bag styles and names that our customers love. Buying a bag for us is a serious matter because we believe that a high quality product is something that lasts forever. Our artisans have crafted and designed handbags for women and men for years, and their expertise on materials and details make every shopping session on Mirta a great investment for any outfit and for any wardrobe.

Our true love for all types of handbags styles convinced us to write a complete guide to get you through our bags’ collection. There’s no need anymore to find what type of bags are in style this year because we promise that any of these will become your best companion forever.

Work Bags

The queens of work bags are the tote and the shoulder bag: spacious, handy, possibly with a strap, and made of long lasting leather which can allow you to wear it for your entire career. You could always spice things up with an office leather bag. Our pick of work bags: Ettore SJ, Gemma, Caterina, Toscanella.

Crossbody Bags

The latest trend on Mirta is the crossbody bag, which we know our customers love. Why? Versatile and casual, you can wear it on multiple outfits on a night out, on a walk to the park or anything fun that requires you to be hands-free. Our pick of crossbody bags: Ray, Lara, Savana, Elide.


For the travel lover who doesn’t want to give up on the best trip companion and for the one that has millions of things to carry around all the time, backpacks are always the perfect solutions. Our pick of backpacks: Raphael, Ottaviana, Daria, Amina.

Top Handle Bags

Purchasing a handcrafted top handle bag means purchasing a little jewel to pass on to generations. Thanks to the small size of a top handle bag, you can easily feel free to play with colours without feeling overwhelmed. Our pick of top handle bags: Sara, 1630, Venice, Doven.

Not sure what bags you are after? Check out Mirta's bag trends of 2021. And if you already have your piece of Italy, take care of it following our tips on how to clean a leather bag. Make it a timeless memory!