Update your home for spring

Textile and decor trends to freshen things up at home

Days are longer, rooms are brighter, and a crisp air of change blows from the open windows: spring is in full swing, both outside and inside our homes, gently inviting us to embrace the new energy with an interior update.

Decorating your home for spring can be fun and invigorating, so we’ve put together some ideas to refresh the atmosphere through spring home accessories and brand-new textiles. Ready to welcome spring at home?

Romantic Adventures

A little romance goes a long way, especially in spring. While the senses awaken and you feel the urge to text your teenage lover, the romantic flair breaks into your home with a shower of pastelled-hued textiles and whimsical details. Make way for cute scalloped edges, pink polka dots, and embroidered flowers: they can spruce up your spring indoor decor, while filling your heart too. Our selection of textiles from Vera Persiani will do the job nicely.

Seaside Dreams

You might have to wait a little longer before swimming in crystal clear waters, but if seaside dreams are on your mind we’ve got the solution for you. Franchini Mare helps you accessorize your bathroom with nautical themed towel sets and dress your dining table with imaginative table linens, while Cereria Introna’s ingenious candles are ready to bring shells and corals directly on your coffee table. That Sardinian beach is still far to reach, but these home decor ideas for spring are a good starting point.

Italian Dolce Vita

Waking up in Sicily to freshly squeezed orange juice, picking lemons from trees in Capri, wandering through olive groves in Tuscany, enjoying perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub in Liguria: who wouldn’t want such a tour? To bring the Italian factor into your home, choosing patterned kitchen textiles from Busatti is the first step to take. Preparing a perfect Aperol Spritz and a nonna-approved tomato sauce pasta it’s the second.

Less Is More

The new season helps setting a new pace for the mind, letting go of stress and negative thoughts, and welcoming new challenges and opportunities. The space around us influences the way we feel, so less is definitely more when it comes to creating a peaceful atmosphere, especially in the bedroom. For spring bedroom ideas, embrace minimal and natural textiles: Biancoperla’s bedding is made of organic hemp or linen and it comes in soothing neutral hues. Add blankets and decorative pillows to play with textures and layers.

White Luxury

Spring means more sun coming in from the windows, therefore filling your indoor spaces with white textiles can be a smart way to boost that natural light. Off-white textiles are also extremely luxurious, injecting delicate elegance to the space around. Ricambi Baldi is a master in cotton satin bed sheets with a traditional flair, while Beltrami works with the innovative wooden fiber to craft clean white sets for both bedroom and bathroom.

Timeless Vintage

One of our favorite styles for a spring home update is the one that can make both your grandma and your coolest friend happy at the same time. Traditional and timeless, these embroidered table textiles will bring an irresistible retro atmosphere to your kitchen, thanks to delicate embroideries and forgotten accessories such as basket liners, coasters, and cocktail napkins. If you’re a vintage lover, TAF Ricami is the one for you.

Spring in Fragrances

Another easy way to update your home with spring interior design ideas is to swap out your candles. Look for fresher fragrances, ditching pumpkin-spice for something more floral, citrusy or plain. Our Candles collection has plenty of options.