Mirta supports IntreccinCantiere: Athison’s contest for young talents

Introducing young talents to the world of braided leather

Athison is one of those artisans that have seen the world changing and that played a big role in the evolution of Italian artisanship. Earlier this year we went to visit their workshop to discover the secrets of braided leather, a traditional technique that gives birth to masterpieces: woven handbags like the Andolla, belts such as the Elastica and wallets like Capri.

The company was born in 1913 as a producer of cables, ropes for ships, and braided items and then shifted towards the production of light textiles after WWII dedicating to small braided items, trimmings, and shoe laces. In the ’70s, the new generation entering the business started to invest in technology and the company started producing the first machine-braided belts in the world thus becoming a leader in the industry of 100% Made in Italy braided items. Today, they make more than 2000 types of braided leather cords.

What is woven fabric?

Athison’s woven leather accessories are made with looms capable of braiding vegetable leather with copper threads using traditional, natural and environmental-friendly processes that have been passed down from generation to generation. The technique of braiding different materials together gives life to unique pieces and highlights the potential of natural fibers when combined with leather.

Braiding has become a must for the company and for Made in Italy artisanship in general making Italian woven leather handbags recognized as products of excellent quality all over the world.

IntreccinCantiere: the international contest dedicated to leather braiding 

Athison has been organizing a contest called IntreccinCantiere for the past 7 years with the objective of bringing young people closer to the world of artisanship. Every year young talents from Italian and international design schools have the opportunity to design, create and showcase their projects realized with Athison’s renowned woven fabric. A jury of experts then rewards the best projects from multiple categories: leather, design, footwear and jewelry. For the 2021 edition, Mirta is proud to support Athison’s contest by having Martina Capriotti, Mirta’s co-founder, as one of the juries. Eventually, the winner of the leather category will be part of Athison’s collection on Mirta.

Yesterday we went to visit the showcase in Milan to discover the beautiful projects of young talents. We can’t disclose the winner yet but we can definitely let you sneak into the creations.