How to clean a leather bag

A few tips to follow for timeless purchases

In the list of actions we can take for a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion, caring for our clothes and accessories is one of the most immediate things to put in practice. At Mirta, we work with the most skilled artisans in order to craft long-lasting and timeless products, taking care of them from beginning to end. But we can only go halfway: from the moment they arrive in your arms, it’s your turn to keep going. So read on if you want to know more on how to clean a leather bag and care for it properly.

Taking care of your leather bags is the secret to making them last longer and loving them for a lifetime, no matter how many months have passed since Mirta delivered one of our crossbody bags at your door, or since you picked up that pink leather bag from a boutique in town.

To help you with this essential know-how, here’s a simple guide on how to take care of a leather bag. Take note of these tips and then go maximise the longevity of your most loved purchases.

Everyday care and storage

When you’re dealing with a leather handbag, the first step is to protect the leather before you actually wear it. You can easily do so with our Care Kit, including protection cream and cotton cloth. Spread the leather cream all over the item with the cotton cloth, in order to moisturize and protect. When dried, ensure to remove the excess cream and wipe with the cotton cloth.

Always store your leather bags stuffed and upright, inside their dust bags, and preferably in a dark and dry place.

Preventing common troubles

We all know that prevention is better than cure, even when it comes to bags and backpacks. To avoid those annoying moments when you’ll have to remove a pen from a bag or a color stain from a leather purse, make sure to pay attention to the smallest things, such as always carrying a separate makeup bag and, well, pen lids! Makeup and ink are some of the hardest stains to remove from material with a high oil content, so keep this in mind.

Cleaning a bag and removing stains

If you can’t really wash leather bags at home as you do with your clothes, you should still aim at properly cleaning them at least twice a year. This maintenance routine will not only make them cleaner, but also bring the leather back to its soft and flawless look. And your beloved top handle bags surely deserve it.

Once again, our Care Kit makes it easier than it seems. Use the soft brush to gently remove dust and dirt first. If stains are involved, use a specific leather cleanser or a drop of baby shampoo, applying in circular motion and wiping off with a slightly damp cloth. Don’t rub to avoid damaging the surface and spreading the stain. When dry, continue with the usual steps, applying the leather cream with the cotton cloth, as explained above. If you don’t have our leather cream, you can opt for a natural beeswax conditioner. And... voilà, your bag is back to its original appearance!

cleaning leather bag